About Us

The Thomas G. Labrecque Foundation was founded in 2003 by the Labrecque family in honor of Tom’s memory. Tom’s family and friends initiated the Thomas G. Labrecque Classic “Run as One” event, with the hope of raising lung cancer awareness and vital research dollars to find a cure. To date, the Foundation has raised about $10 million dollars for lung cancer research and awareness.

Since 2007, the Foundation has been focused on funding research to detect lung cancer at its earliest and most treatable stage. Since 2009, 100% of funds raised have gone to fund research, not overhead.

The Foundation is also active in the larger lung cancer community. We actively participate with other lung cancer foundations like LUNGevity, which allows us to share administrative and staffing resources so that more money can flow to research programs, and to coordinate our efforts so that funding is deployed effectively and without redundancy.

Mission Statement

The Thomas G. Labrecque Foundation is committed to preventing lung cancer through education and research. We pledge:

  • To spread awareness that anyone, at any age, can suffer from lung cancer.
  • To support lung cancer research by funding the development of new treatments and better screening tools.
  • To justly focus media and grassroots attention on lung cancer, since it is the #1 cancer killer in the US.
  • To continue the fight!